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Discussing your day-to-day work availability is frustrating, time consuming, and takes away from the things you would rather do

Vet Locum List handles all of your communication in one place and keeps everyone informed of any changes
Dodge hiring charges
Agencies knocking on your door? Avoid the fear and secrecy of agency hiring

Join our commission-free community where people can communicate directly about visible work
Connect & Collaborate
There's a world of possibilities in front of you to explore

We'll show you opportunies on an international scale, while keeping you connected with your previous working relationships
Improve Communication
Clinic's E-mail:   "Can you work 9-6 on Tuesday?"

Vet's E-mail:   "Sure, no problem, I was able to move my appointment to wednesday"

Clinic's 2nd E-mail:   "Sorry, someone else was able to take it, can you work wednesday?"

Vet Locum List will keep things clear. If the work is no longer available, or staff aren't available, you'll know before restructuring your schedule
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