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Post Analytics - Explained

Much of the time, clinics post and judge the success of their ads based on applicants. But what if you either have no applicants, or the few applicants you acquire aren’t quite what you were looking for? How do you know if there’s even interest in your work? Where do you stand in comparison to your competitors?

At Vet Locum List we like to provide our clients with the tools they need to gauge the success of their posts. Although more options will likely be added over time, the following is the general structure of what you will see for each of your posts:

1 - Your Ad’s Performance

Wondering where you stand vs. your competitors is always a big concern for clinics, so we try to give you a very quick idea of where your position. In your ad’s performance section, we provide you with two metrics:

A - The performance of your ad vs. the best performing ad of the same ad type (leave or long-term)

Some groups excel at getting their posts out on social media and to their target audience, and if you think you’re doing all you can to get exposure, this number may make you second-guess yourself. Some posts have acquired over 800 clicks by being proactive on VLL and social media. For example: if you have only 5 clicks on your ad, and the best has 800 clicks, your relative performance would be represented at 0.625% (or 1% rounded up), which indicates you have a long way to go to compete with the best. This value can be taken as either a really good indicator of how much you could step up your game, or how well you're doing relative to your competition.

B - Where your ad sits relative to the average (or mean) of the performance of every post of the same type (leave or long-term) currently on the site

You may not be shooting to be the absolute best, but you may still wonder where you stand on average. The value represented here is more intuitive than it may first feel and is best explained as your performance vs. the average post. A value of 100% means you are performing at the average level of all posts of the same type on VLL, 50% would indicate a performance of half the average, and 200% would mean twice as well as the average. You could compare this with the example of your work salary. If you were being paid 50% of your colleagues, you would feel underpaid, 100% would feel fair, and 200% you would be feeling strong. The same goes with your post performance. If you are well under the mean, there may be something about your clinic or ads that are not attracting people to them. Perhaps you are simply not doing enough to make your ads known. On the other hand, a performance of 200% or more would indicate your ads are performing well and you could take the initiative to capitilize on this advantage over your competition.

2 - Advertisement Clicks

When we talk about ad performance, full conversion (i.e. a hire) is often our only metric to judge success, but that’s too binary for the modern market, and with an under-supply of available staff, not a completely realistic marker for analyzing the success of your advertisements. When advertising with Google, two metrics are commonly provided: impressions and clicks. We cover the importance of these metrics in our knowledge / blog section, however clicks indicate interest in your advertisement and a desire to see more of what you have to offer. At VLL we provide you with four different type of performance (click) metrics:

A - Total Clicks

This represents the sum of all the clicks you have received, and therefore the interest in your ad. As all the information is not available by scrolling, interested applicants must click in order to see more, therefore showing interest in your initial offering.

B - Clicks from Unregistered Viewers

We no longer require all viewers sign-in to see the available work, which has increased our traffic, but decreased our ability to know which viewers are unique when viewing your ad. This gives you knowledge of how many were not signed in when they viewed your ad, which may bea result of sharing to social media, or from people who saw your ad that like to browse the site anonymously.

C - Clicks from Signed-in Locums / Staff

Some viewers prefer to sign in when surfing VLL, and these are users we know a little more about. The number of clicks in this column may be higher than ‘Unique Signed-in Locums’, which indicates that interested potential applicants have returned to your ad to view it again… it’s a good sign.

D - Clicks from Unique Signed-in Locums / Staff

Keeping track of unique individuals that have viewed your ad lets us provide you with more information about how appealing your ad is. If you have 10 views from signed in locums and 10 unique viewers, you were unable to appeal to applicants enough to make them return to your post ( at least while signed-in, anyway).

Registered Viewer Countries

The use of VPNs to disguise IP addresses makes tracking the location of viewers difficult for any service (including Google), but our registered viewers typically have filled out their country details on their profile, which allows us to provide a little more information. Although we leave their identity private, we are happy to provide clinics who post the registered country declared by their unique viewers so they can better understand the location of their interested audience.

Extra Info

Although we monitor site traffic to different areas, the statistics represent only the activity of non-registered users and those registered as locums / staff. Clinic behaviour is left out of our statistics, as this is unlikely to be helpful to our ad posters.