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An Agent For Change

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When we started Vet Locum List, we saw clinics that were tired of high posting fees, paying commission, greed, and deception. We saw locums that lost trust in both clinics and agencies and were worried about getting sucked into deceptive contracts. We saw a profession that was more concerned with who was entitled to what money than about the actual people in the profession. We started Vet Locum List because we wanted to help.

Change the Situation

If you also desire to see this situation change, you can’t depend on your current companies to drop their prices or change their ways, because they won’t. As 10% commission turns to 15%, then to 20%, these companies have the market and they know it. Like any item you see on the shelf or in the grocery store, you need a small independent company with a unique mindset to keep the prices competitive and down. For veterinary medicine, that company is Vet Locum List.

Of all the startups that have tried to enter this market and make a service like ours (the internet is littered with the bones of their old sites), we’re the only ones that have successfully broke into this market. In our first 8 months we acquired over 1000 registered users and traded over 1600 hours of work commission-free saving clinics thousands in fees. This shows there’s a lot of hope and interest in what we’re trying to accomplish.

The Future

So here we’re asking you to be an agent of change and take advantage of this opportunity within the lifetime of the opportunity. Use it, enjoy it, benefit from it. Like any good garden, keep it alive and it’ll keep you alive. If you’re worried about getting enough exposure, we'll share your posts around. First, we need posts to advertise that we have posts, which brings in more users and increases interest. Every time we have a post boom at VLL, we advertise those posts and get a huge influx of visiting Veterinarians. When those posts die off, they have little reason to come back until the next boom. The service works when the clinics decide they really want it to.

So please join us in an affordable, sustainable, transparent, harassment-free, commission-free veterinary culture. Post what you want, when you want, as often as you want, and recreate the enjoyable culture that veterinary medicine can be. You are your own agent of change, and Vet Locum List is here to help.


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