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Social Media for Clinics

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You may have noticed that the use of social media for business has been growing rapidly in the last decade (or two). Although some 93% of marketers are using social media for business, few people are actually aware of the best practices for achieving the biggest gain.

Not Into Social Media?

When you break down people’s stance towards technology, the top 15% and the bottom 15% are classified as ‘early adopting’ vs. ‘anti-technology’, respectively, with everyone else forming a broad range of acceptance in-between. For those hesitant towards new technology, typically either we believe it’s a fad that will pass, we fear the steep learning curve associated with getting up to speed, or we think that it’s just not necessary. However, realizing that the internet and social media are here to stay, not only has it become clear that these tools can benefit practices, but also that they are becoming required in order to survive the modern job market. If you feel you may be too old or have missed the boat, you haven’t! The pre-retirement age-bracket (55-64) is currently the fastest growing group on twitter! It’s also worth considering that the generations now available for hire practically have a mobile device welded to their hand at all times, putting anyone who doesn’t adapt to social media marketing at a strong disadvantage. Here we will clarify some key points that can help maximize your posts.

Understanding Social Media For Business

Although one may argue we don’t absolutely ‘need’ social media, it certainly helps a LOT. For simplicity, we’ll just focus on Facebook for this article (we’ll abbreviate to FB occasionally), as this is most familiar to the majority of people.

Where social media and job advertising come together is in two steps, 1) to make the largest possible amount of people aware you have a position available, 2) to give interested people a central place to find your ad again, and perhaps apply. That’s essentially it. One of the most common errors that clinics make on Facebook is placing their entire ad in their post. This can pose a problem for a few reasons:

Best Practices for Facebook Posting

Although there are a lot of strategies, here's a quick guide to optimal ad posting on Facebook:

1) Keep the post short

2) Give them something to click

Benefits of Sharing VLL Post to Social Media

Currently you are posting your needs on Facebook, sitting back, and waiting... now what? How many people saw your post? How many were interested enough to read it if they saw it? In short, you probably won't know....

This is where knowing the conversion of impressions to clicks becomes important and why sharing a Vet Locum List post helps. Impressions are how many screens your post appears on (even if for a few seconds), and clicks are the conversion from someone seeing your post to becomeing interested enough to engage with it. Since in the current job market, job applications alone can no longer be used as the only metric for measuring interest in your ads, we at Vet Locum List have provided you with a post analytics section (learn more by clicking here) that provides you with the information you need about how many people clicked on your ad. This allows you to measure overall interest, experiment with your posts, and determine what time of day gives you the best crowd when posting on social media.

During our first year of operation, we had a 6th month anniversary promotion where any post shared to social media was free of charge, to encourage users to give it a try. The result? Shared posts received several hundred views (the max reaching almost 900). Therefore hundreds of people found interest enough in the initial impression of our posts to investigate further. This is the unique power of combining social media with Vet Locum List!


Traditional methods of job advertising has been to post and pray, but when your post is competing with hundreds of others, you need extra tools to make your ad stand out. Where no one is going to control if and how you post to social media, understanding the mentality of your target audience in each social media service is crucial to success. Knowing this, we at Vet Locum List are always adapting our services to give you the best position in today's changing job market.


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