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Welcome to Vet Locum List

Vet Locum List is an automated service that allows clinics, veterinarians, and veterinary nurses / technicians to connect with one another to fill in shifts, short leaves, and long-term / full-time positions without requiring middle-managers or paying commission. Clinics can post their shifts, leaves, and job availability and locums (relief workers) or current and potential staff can apply directly to the clinic through the site.

After being in the profession for some time, we became frustrated by a veterinary world where clinics needed staff but couldn't find them, veterinarians and nurses needed work but were hidden from clinics, and middle managers charged a fortune to 'connect' people with not-so-transparent conditions. It shouldn't be this complicated.

Vet Locum List was designed to be a focal point of communication between clinics and staff, where shift and worker availability was easy to find and changes were reflected in real-time. We wanted everything to be simple, affordable, enjoyable, and most importantly, transparent. Here, Vet Locum List has become a product that we enjoy using and are proud to share with you. We hope you enjoy it as well!

Veterinarians, Nurses, & Technicians

We get you, because we are you. You want to find work when you're in the zone, not get pestered on your days off when you're out with friends and family. You're tired of getting your e-mail spammed or answering your phone to haggle the hours of your next shift, especially while you're still recovering from your last one.

Jump onto Vet Locum List and search for positions that suit your schedule, when you're ready and feeling fresh. We're not a recrutiment agency, you don't pay a thing, and we don't take commission. So you don't need to worry about us harassing you about who you've been working for and how often. We designed this site to be something we could also use, so it's as easy as it gets.

Some features to help you out:

Following: If there's work from a clinic you would like to be notified about, or a clinic that sends you a lot of e-mails you would like to simplify, you can follow their updates on Vet Locum List and thin your e-mail out. All new posts will show-up in your notification center (see below) and we'll send you a periodic e-mail when new work appears (which you can adjust in your preferences).

Notifications: Instead of getting a list from each clinic with available shifts and finding out the shifts you said you could work were taken a few days ago, we've created a real-time notification center for you to accept or decline work with. When the work is taken, it will disappear. If someone is accepted for the shift, you'll receive an e-mail. Yes, it's awesome.

Accept or decline shifts with a click


With Vet Locum List your posts can hit a wider target audience and get applications directly from those interested in working for you. Your ads can stand out with images, videos, and the ability for interested applicants to start a discussion with your listed staff members. Applicants can also search out and follow your clinic's posts, receive notifications about new posts, and share your ads with colleagues.

Some features to help you out:

Following: You send out a list of shifts to a handful of people, but with every change in availability you need to resend those e-mails to each person again and again. Stop spamming them with the follow function. Send a request to your staff to follow your updates, and we'll keep them informed of new work. Post once and let us handle the rest.

One-click Decisions: When you get an application in your e-mail, we provide a one-click link to accept, decline, or view that application. This makes it easy to manage free shifts across your current staff, casuals, and locums.

Notices: How do you know if people read your e-mails? Do you want to know who can't make it so you can plan better? Our clinic notices section keeps you informed of who declined your posted the work.

Your followers can accept or decline work through their notification center

We'll let you know either way, so you can better plan your scheduling

Helpful Videos: Throughout Vet Locum List you will find helpful videos on how to use our various features. They will walk you through posting step-by-step if you wish, so you don't have to feel overwhelmed by trying something new. Many of these videos can also be found on this page in the How to Use section below.

Statistics: With each leave and long-term post, we track the interest that your ad acquires over time. With this, we are able to provide clinics with statistics about how their post performs vs. their competitors, as well as how much general interest their ads are acquiring. See a brief explanation by clicking here.

Make Your Staff Available: Everyone says they have a great team, but now you can show it. Applicants interested in your post may want more information, but are aware your HR manager is unlikely to have worked in their interested job position to be able to answer specific questions. With Vet Locum List you can give them someone who has. Add current and previous staff to your clinic profile to allow users to message them about any inquiries they may have about your clinic. This could help encourage any on-the-fence applicants towards taking that extra step in contacting you.

Facebook Sharing: With every leave or long-term position posted, VLL provides a quick and convenient way to share your ad to the most popular social media outlets. We see your posts as an extension of your business and believe they deserve to be viewed by as many potential applicants as possible.

Show Off Your Clinic: We provide the most cost-effective solutions for showing off your clinic to potential staff. Simple and easily managed subscriptions are available that will allow you to place photos and vidios in your profile and posts, making it easier to showcase your equipment, location, work family, and fun!

The Site

The Workflow

1) Clinics can post their work and will receive an e-mail with each application.
2) Vets / Nurses / Technicians set up their profile, including work experience, wage, and resume, which can only be viewed by clinics they have applied to work with. Posts can be searched out, applied to, or a message can be sent to the clinic with questions.
3) Clinics can accept, reject, or message applicants for more information. Upon hiring, an e-mail confirmation will be sent with the shifts details to both parties.
4) You're done!

Shift Types

      Locum shifts are designed to be quick to post and fill in order to help facilitate filling small gaps in a clinic's roster. Applicants can apply directly through the site and have access to the shift details as well as the clinic's information.
      Clinics are encouraged to perform an interview if this is a new applicant, but are also requested to hire through the site when completing the agreement (see 'hiring' below), which prevents further applications to filled shifts.
      The wage for the shift is based off the locum's profile page and is specific to general or emergency practice, or if the locum offers specialty services. However, locums and clinics are also able to create alternative agreements with each other and hire through the site with these agreements in mind.

Locum Leaves
      Designed for short periods of position availability that are longer than a single shift. We offer two types of leave postings to help facilitate clinic's needs:

      1- Selectable Leaves are designed for clinics that need to fill a significant volume of shifts, but do not require that all these shifts are filled by a single locum. This is also a convenient way for applicants to find work from your clinic in one place, without combing through and applying to each shift individually. In a selectable leave, locums can select from a list of shifts at once, based on their availablity, increasing the clinic's chance of having more of their shifts filled. When hiring, these shifts will be automatically reposted until less than three shifts remain from the original leave posting, or until the post expires.

      2- Full Leaves are designed for clinics who would like to have a single applicant fill a period longer than a single shift, but shorter than three months. These are ideal for filling holiday periods, sick leave, or even testing out potential staff. Clinics post the time-frame of the leave as well as the approximate number of shifts and the average duration of these shifts. This allows applicants to approximate the amount of work available in a leave and prompts the clinic to estimate the overall cost of hiring. Some positions may start immediately, so shift number and time frame may be approximate.
        We have included a feature where applicants may also apply to either all or part of a full leave to increase flexibility when hiring for this type of post.

      Long-term positions are designed to help fill work periods of longer than three months, including full-time positions, casual or part-time positions, internships and residencies, or maternity and longer leaves. Locums apply with a cover letter and resume, and applications are available to clinics for approximately one month following the post's expiration. Hiring cannot be done through the site for this section and working conditions are also negotiated elsewhere. We like to keep some things classic.

Priority Posts
      For those looking to make their post stand out, we offer the ability to upgrade your ad to a priority post. In doing so your post will receive a bright border to attract attention as well as remain at the top of the lists to make sure it is seen. To date, priority posts have a higher success rate.

      Vet Locum List is unique in that all of our services are commission-free, so you don't need to fear the financial consequences of hiring through our service. Hiring through the site benefits both the clinic and locum in that an e-mail is generated to both parties with the details of the position. The hire details can also be found under the 'pending' (locums) or 'my posts' (clinics) section of your menu until the position has passed.
      Hiring through the site also benefits us by providing us with statistics about frequency, rate, and location of consistent hires to help us improve the service.
      * Please Note - if an alternative rate has been agreed upon between a clinic and locum for either a shift or leave, this rate takes precedence over the rate posted on our site. However, we strongly recommend having this agreement in writing to avoid any potential misunderstandings.

  How To Use


Everything you need to know can be found by visiting 'The Site' section below. If you prefer something more visual, you can see briefly how it all works in these videos or by checking out the Vet Locum List YouTube channel.

Videos for Clinics:

Posting Set-up Other

Shifts Register Your Clinic Subscription Page Overview

Selectable Leaves Complete Your Profile Linking Clinics

Full Leaves Adding Staff to Your Profile Welcome & Overview

Long Term Positions Top up your account

Navigating The Menu

The Locum List
      This is the main section where all shifts, leaves, and positions are posted. Take the opportunity to work and travel, broaden your horizons, or just simply see what others are offering. Advanced search options are available on the right, including the ability to search in your preferred city, for your favourite clinic, or for keywords that appeal.

Pending / My Posts
      These are all of the shifts, leaves, and long-term positions you have posted, applied for, or have confirmed.

Profile / My Clinics
      Your user profile is availble for you to view and edit here.

      If you are a clinic, you can manage your subscriptions and account balance here. We use paypal for all payment service because it's quick, safe, and the world is digital. Spend as you want, when you want, our services will not allow you to go into a negative balance.

      Here you may change your notification preferences, password, and even your login e-mail address.

Photos & Files

Vet Locum List provides the option to attach PDF files to profiles and applications as resumes. While we are constantly improving our services, we currently do not provide on-site file compression / conversion. To help get your files where you need them, we recommend these free and easy options frequently used by ourselves:

PDF Files:
      PDF files are relatively small to store and are easy for users to view and save. Most word processessing software (ie: microsoft word, pages, etc.) will provide the option to save as a .pdf file. Some software also permits saving as a compressed or reduced file-size PDF, which is always appreciated. If learning how to do this is too much hassle to handle right now, we recommend using this free PDF converter. You are not required to provide any personal information, it's quick, and the files are safe to use!

      Photos for profile pics and logos are automatically compressed from a maximum of 2 MB to the required size. JPEG/JPG are supported for all images, PNG files are also supported for clinic logos.

The App

Although the website is mobile friendly, we have created an app that uses push notifications and permits quick shift handling with only a few swipes. We've started by launching the for the iphone / ipad and have plans for android development in the future. If you need any help, see our troubleshooting guide.

Click here to view it in the IOS app store

Push Notifications
Stay informed of changes in shift availability and keep track of who's working and when
Your Shifts in One Place
Keep track of shift availability in real time. Apply to the work you want and see when shifts are no longer available.

View & Hire
View and hire applicants on the fly. Someone you recognize? Hire with a swipe and tap. Someone new? View their details to get to know them more.
Quick Communication
Don't be left wondering. Stay informed of new work, cancelled work, who's interested, and who can't make it at all.

Payments & Subscriptions

The 'pay per post' model made sense in the days of newspaper ads where space was a commodity, but this is the digital era where the availability of kilobytes are rarely limiting. Vet Locum List works as an "all you can post" subscription service to make posting work more economical for the clinics.

The VLL subscription system is more economical than your traditional pay-per-post system and allows clinics to show their existing work availability whenever they need it, without feeling the financial risk of what can feel like a one-month gamble on other sites.

All payments with Vet Locum List are done electronically to aid in the automation of the service. For security purposes, we only accept credit card information through PayPal due to their security, state of the art fraud detection systems, and easy payment tracking ability. This is a quick and painless way to help to keep your information safe.

Pricing information can be found by clicking here

The world is filled with hundreds of currencies and we will do our best to provide the most economical payment options for your clinic. If your preferred currency is not shown, PayPal will automatically convert your payment into the correct currency on your behalf. If you would like to request a currency that is not presently available, please contact us and we will do our best to accomodate.

Media Options

A media subscription is included with our standard subscription and allows clinics to provide enhanced visuals to their potential hires to help encourage their application. With this option, clinics can post up to five photos of their clinic and / or surrounding area to give users a stronger visual impression of what is being offered. These photos are embedded in your clinic's profile, as well as in all of your leaves and long-term posts.

Additionally, we will embed your youtube video into your ads so that interested applicants can click and watch directly from your posting. Perhaps this is a catchy video, a tour of the facilities, a meet and greet of your team, or a funny cat escapade. In either case, a picture is worth a thousand words, and a video, millions.

Multiple Clinics & Managers

We get that some clinics are privately owned, others are corporate, and some are on their way to expansion. With our system, one clinic can register multiple additional clinics under one account (known as satellite clinics), and these same clinics can also be registered under separate accounts as autonomous clinics.

This flexible setup allows the clinic managers to post their individual shifts and locum leaves, while overarching managers and HR directors can retain their ability to post on behalf of each clinic. The following additional information should be considered:


To keep things cost-effective, we have created options for subscribing additional clinics at a fraction of the cost if under one account, or the option to share the main subscription if accounts are linked. You can review our pricing here.

For multiple clinics under one account, you may adjust your media options to allow for unique items to be added to each clinic, or you can choose to have all of your clinics share the same items. Linking clinics also permits item sharing across accounts for more complex organizations.

Linking Clinics

To make some of our features easier for everyone, we offer the ability to link your main organization's satellite clinic with it's separate autonomous account representing the same clinic (i.e. if two accounts represent the same clinic, we can link them in our database). We have placed an example below.

With this, your autonomous clinic is responsible for managing the main VLL subscription and can also add staff to the clinic's profile. At the same time the company's main account retains control over the clinic's media and will receive an automatic VLL subscription with the autonomous clinic's subscription renewal. Both clinics retain the ability to post, however may enter into an agreement that long-term posts are handled by the main organization, while shift filling may be left to the autonomous clinic. Linking clinics also prevents the need for a locum to follow post updates from both clinic profiles, which would be confusing for those that don't understand your organization's structure.

An Example
'Super Animal Hospital' (the main clinic) is expanding to a location in another major city and creates 'Awesome Animal Hospital' :

Scenario #1:
      Super AH may decide to run the VLL account for both clinics and therefore would create a satellite clinic on the account by clicking 'add clinic'. Here Super AH would pay the initial subscription fee for the main clinic, a small fee for registering an additional clinic, and could post on behalf of either whenever they chose. Interested applicants could follow the updates of either of these clinics and be informed of new work they post. Sounds good.

Scenario #2:
      However, Super AH may want to post new job vacancies, but leave the day-to-day shift filling of Awesome AH up to the clinic manager. In this case, Super AH could still register their sattelite clinic on their VLL account, but also create a separate account (the 'autonomous clinic') for the Awesome AH manager to run.
      To prevent from paying twice for the same clinic or having interested applicants follow the updates of both accounts (which would be confusing), Super AH would instead link the satellite account for Awesome AH with the separate account. Here, both clinics would pay their initial subscription fee, and the satellite clinic registered under the main account of Super AH would get registered for free in the process.
      Now both accounts can post on behalf Awesome AH and interested applicants only need to follow one of Awesome AH's accounts to receive notifications from both. This approach makes something seemingly complicated, quite easy.

To link clinics, simply click the 'link' button on your satellite clinic's profile to request a link. An e-mail will be generated to your autonomous clinic with a request, which can be either accepted or declined. See the 'how to use' section for a quick video tutorial.

FAQ / Learn More

This is a list of our anticipated questions. If you do not find what you're looking for, feel free to contact us and we will do our best to assist you.

Profiles & Privacy
Why do I need a completed profile to post?Will my information be given to any third parties?
What can I do with an incomplete profile?Who can see my information?
Do people need to be signed in to view posts?Why does my resume have to be in PDF format?
My clinic has layers of management, how can we best use the site?
I am not receiving e-mails from Vet Locum ListI receive e-mails for some things, but not others
Payments & Legalities
Is there commission on hires? Is the work guaranteed?
Why a subscription?Why post with Vet Locum List
Who pays who?How does the money work?
Use & Abuse
Warnings & BansAppeals & Exemptions
What are the consequences of misusing the site?

Why do I need a completed profile to post?

Vet Locum List requires that all profiles (for clinics and locums) are completed before posting. This provides users with the information needed to make an informed decision about the clinic or locum they are looking to collaborate with before entering into an agreement. This also reduces the chances of surprise information for either parties after entering into an agreement.

What can I do with an incomplete profile?

We have created the option to view the site with an incomplete profile to allow locums and clinics to become comfortable with how the site works before providing personal information. Creating and applying to posts are only available to those with a complete profile, which can be quickly completed by clicking 'My Profile' and choosing 'Edit'.

Do people need to be registered to view the posts?

No, but it's beneficial. Although all the work is visible to non-logged-in users, being logged in provides potential applicants with more opportunities to both interact with the post as well as to apply the post.

Will my information be given to any third parties?

No. Vet Locum List does not provide personal user or clinic information to outside parties, however we do collect statistics on user behaviour as outlined in our privacy policy.

Who can see my information?

As a clinic, posting a shift / job will make your profile available for all site users. As a locum, your profile will be made available to clinics only after applying for a shift / position. Once the shift is completed or you have withdrawn, your profile is not longer visible.

Why does my resume have to be in PDF format?

PDF documents are easy to handle, store, and are relatively free from .doc/.docx compatibility issues. Our aim is to provide all users with the simplest and most efficient tools for hiring. Click here for more info.

My clinic has several layers of management, how does Vet Locum List accomodate this type of setup?

We're aware that this is common. Please see the Multiple Clinics section above. If you would like some guidance on the best way to set-up your clinics for this service, feel free to contact us.

I am not receiving e-mails from Vet Locum List

E-mails are a beneficial, but supplemental, feature of the site. However, all e-mailed information can be also found once logged into the site. Some e-mail providers (outlook and hotmail in particular) have their spam filters set extremely high. We are working with providers to keep e-mails related to Vet Locum List from being filtered, but this may fail from time to time. If you are having issues, feel free to contact us and we will help resolve the issue. In the meantime, checking back with the site frequently should provide you with everything you need.

I receive e-mails for some things, but not others

E-mails will be generated for all confirmed shifts, but not necessarily for applications, unsuccessful shifts, etc., depending on your settings. Information on your pending shifts can be found under the 'My Posts' and 'Pending' section of your main menu. To better customize what you receive e-mails for, check your 'preferences'.

Is there commission on successful hires?

Absolutely not. Services that charge commission typically reduce the potential wages and income of the locum or staff member and dip deep into the pockets of clinics. This typically discourages users from applying to ads through the service or reduces use of the site through seeking alternative paths of employment. Therefore, we charge no commission on our services.

Why a subscription?

In order to maintain the site and also provide the most competitive pricing in the market, we charge a yearly subscription fee to keep the service floating. This also benefits clinics as it mitigates the risk of the pay-per-post-per-month model, as that month's investment is not lost if no applications are received. Subscriptions also help boost the volume on the site, which is beneficial for everyone. Because we believe in transparency our pricing is always visible under the pricing section available throughout our site.

Why should I post with Vet Locum List?

Vet Locum List is the only service to provide the means for clinics to instantly and directly connect to the veterinarians and veterinary nurses required to fill their locum shifts. By providing a service that can be managed by our clientele directly, we are able to avoid the time-consuming requirements faced by our competitors to both post and respond to posts through employing middle managers. With Vet Locum List, this means that anyone, anywhere, can create or respond to a post without depending on someone else's timelines, constraints (including sleep schedule), or biases.

Who pays who?

Vet Locum List is not responsible for handling wages of any sort, which is clarified in our terms and conditions. The objective of Vet Locum List is to facilitate the connection of clinics with veterinarians and veterinary nurses. Wages should be paid directly as per the standard methods of your clinic and in accordance with your government's laws and regulations. See our 'knowledge' section in the footer for more information.

How does the money work?

Vet Locum List is designed to replace and improve the traditional e-mail / phone-call 'tail-chasing' that clinics and locums fight through on a daily basis. Typically clinics and locums create a verbal (and sometimes written) agreement on the shift details, and therefore Vet Locum List only aims to expedite the process to the convenience of all parties. For Locum Shifts and Locum Leaves, locums set up their fees on their profiles, which are viewable by clinics before they agree to hire an individual. Upon hiring, an e-mail confirmation will be generated and sent to both parties with the wage and shift details. However, the involved parties are permitted to agree on alternative arrangements (through phone, e-mail, or in person) before confirming the post. In this circumstance, the alternative arrangements will take priority independent of the contents of the confirmation e-mail. If either party believes the other is attempting to unfairly renegotiate the locum conditions after agreement, that party is free to cancel the arrangement for their safety. For permanent positions, Vet Locum List facilitates applications only, whereby both parties are encouraged to negotiate their terms. In all cases, it is best to get agreed wages in writing to avoid the chance of miscommunications.

Is the work guaranteed?

No. We cannot guarantee work, quality of work, payment, and do not cover the liability of our clients. No member of Vet Locum List is employed by or bound to our service. As when previously hiring your locums, due dilligence is still required when selecting your staff. Vet Locum List does not provide any additional rights / entitlement over the traditional methods of securing your locum positions prior to using this site. We do, however, make finding and hiring your locums much simpler. If in doubt, we encourage an interview of some sort before the hiring process is complete.

Use & Abuse
What could cause me to receive a warning? What can I do if I've been flagged?

Any violation of our terms and conditions could result in a warning / removal from the site. As a clinic, you can be flagged for general recruiting in the shifts and leaves sections, or for allowing posts with an applicant to expire. Although we understand that you may either not approve of the applicant or have hired through other means, we provide the option to decline the applicant and or cancel the shift through the site. This is both polite and prevents locums from losing out on opportunities elsewhere.

What are the consequences of misusing the site?

We are pretty relaxed, but aim to prevent misuse of the service. Typically a warning is issued to any user that is found to be in breach of the terms and conditions of the site. However, repeated warnings and / or showing evidence of a deliberate breach of our rules may result in either a temporary / permanent ban, or the user will be required to pay a fee for future use of the site. We handle infractions on a case-by-case basis.

Have any questions or concerns? Feel free to contact us.

If I received an unjustifiable warning and/or ban, can I received a pardon / exemption

Of course. We understand the wide diversity of circumstances in which our clients operate and do not believe in a 'one size fits all' system. All appeals will be carefully reviewed and we may ask for additional information if the situation arises.

Anything Else?

If there's anything that you would like to know, think we may have missed, or would like to see in the future, feel free to contact us and we will do our best to accomodate you. If you like what you see, you can always follow and share our Facebook page to help get the word out. Thank you for using Vet Locum List!