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Mobile Troubleshooting

Notifications, Banners, Alerts, & Badges

Notifications are anything that pops up on your phone.

Banners are the text boxes that appears briefly at the top of your phone before disappearing.

Alerts are banners that do not disappear without interaction (VLL does not use these).

Badges are the numbers that appear beside the app icon.

Not Receiving Notifications - When you first open the app, it will ask you if for permission to provide push notifications. If you declined this, you will need to navigate your phone's settings, find the options for the Vet Locum List app, and turn push notifications (including banners) back on. As a clinic you will only receive notifiations if someone interacts with your post (i.e. you receive an application or someone declines your work). As a Veterinarian or Nurse, you will receive notifications from clinics you follow or updates about work you have applied to.

Change Notification Frequency - If you would like to change your notification preferences, you can update these in your settings on Vet Locum List. For veterinarians and nurses, your default from any particular clinic begins at 4 per clinic per day to prevent spamming.

Connection Issues
Slow Connection - If you find you are waiting a long time for things to happen, it could be that you are in an area of low / poor signal. To check this, try searching a new area in your maps app. If it takes a long time, try your task again later when you have a better connection.

No Connection - Two possibilities. 1) You are in an area with no service or signal (check another app to test this out). 2) There could be something off about your login details that has changed since your last sign in. To test this, close the app completely (leave, open your app tasker, and swipe the app closed), then open it again.

In App Info
I Tap and Nothing Happens - When you see a table row you would like to interact with, slide it left (make sure not to move up or down at the same time) and the options will appear.

Calendar isn't Working - To add items to the calendar, you first need to create a shift block that you can reuse over and over. Click 'add shift type', select the clinic this shift is for, and then select it from the wheel whenever you need it. Be sure you click on the day you wish to assign the shift too first.

Not Updating - If the information on the page you are on isn't updating, try navigating to a different view then returning.

It's all wrong! - If you find something that isn't working quite right or you have an idea for future development, please click here and let us know.

I can't post a shift - Shift posting is designed to be quick and therefore uses preset 'time blocks' that you can set-up and customize. Beside 'Time', click '+ add slot' and select the time slot you would like for the shift. Once you set this up, you can reuse this slot quickly for future shifts.

If you have a time slot created, make sure you are connected to the internet, that your profile is complete, your e-mail confirmed, and that your clinic possesses an active subscription.